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Christine Lindsay

Massachusetts Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorney


 Everyone has a turning point in life and mine was when I was 13 years old. In the 7th grade, my history class had a law student teach us all about the law for an entire semester. The subject pulled me in and mesmerized me to the point where I knew I was going to be an attorney when I grew up. I knew then I wanted to help people not feel intimidated or afraid to talk to an attorney if they are in need of legal assistance. I want my firm to be a place that people feel comfortable talking with me about whatever legal issue they may find themselves dealing with, and need someone to listen.


Because family is my number one priority, I waited until both my children were attending college before I made the commitment to attend law school. After three long years, and much support from my husband, my kids, extended family and work colleagues, I finally graduated and opened up my own firm. Unfortunately, my dad was not alive to see me become an attorney.


My father had passed away very unexpectedly at the age of 60 without a plan or thought as to what he wanted to happen with is assets if he did die. I remember how hard it was on my mother to have to handle all the aftermath of closing out accounts, switching bills from his name to hers, liquidating assets and even having to pick up his weekly dry cleaning. The most difficult thing she had to deal with besides his death was canceling a long awaited and well deserved vacation up the coast of California, all while trying to grieve the death of my father, and her best friend. They were married for 39 years.


At the time I opened up my practice I was very familiar with residential real estate closings, and started off with that as my base of clients. However, I wanted to expand in a direction that would truly help my clients feel good about themselves and the knowledge that their estate plans are just the way they envision, to help give themselves and their families peace of mind today and in the future should a time come where it is necessary to step in on mom or dad's behalf. At the same time, I benefit greatly with the ability to satisfy my inner teacher by educating my clients on the different options of preserving their assets and legacies as they see fit for their own personal situations.


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